Gedcom to XML Conversion Form

This interface currently converts English language Gedcom files to XML format. A single XML file will be returned to your browser and displayed. If your browser supports XSL transformations you will see a hyperlinked HTML file; otherwise you will just see the plain XML. If your Gedcom file is large, and/or your Internet connection is slow, you may find it slow to display and navigate the XML file.

You can visit the main Ged2X web page to see other options for converting your Gedcom file.

You can either upload a local file for conversion by entering its filename into the local file field, or you can convert an arbitrary Gedcom document on the Web by typing its URI into the URI field. Alternatively, you can paste small amounts of Gedcom into the text field.

After specifying the data to convert, remember to click on the corresponding "Convert" button.

Local GEDCOM file (maximum size 10 Mbytes):


  (for example,