Welcome to Ged2X!

Genealogy Data Services Limited provides a range of services for handling genealogy data stored in the Gedcom 5.5 format (and earlier versions). The main services currently provided convert Gedcom files to HTML and XML formats. The files generated can either be copied back to your computer as a compressed archive or they can be hosted on the Ged2X web site. A number of other services are planned for the future.

Non-commercial use of the Ged2X services is free until later in 2016. Thereafter, an enhanced set of services will be available on a subscription basis.

The conversion of a Gedcom file to a single XML file is provided as a free service. To access other services you must first register using the navigation panel to the left, and then you should go the services page to choose what you want to do.

Selected Ged2X services are now available through a Web service interface. This means they can be used programmatically through a Web services API. If you would like to learn more about using this capability please contact us.

Ged2X is a trade mark of Genealogy Data Services Limited.